First Degree Music Publishing

First Degree Music Publishing is our in house publisher and is responsible for the administration of all songs written or co-written by Carl M Cox, as well as the rights or partial rights acquisitions of other songs in which Prolific Music are involved. We will occasionally publish songs from external writers where we feel we are able work the song and the returns to both the writers and the publisher are realistically feasible. Whilst recognising that songs are the raw material of the entire music industry, we also recognise that the market is highly competitive and thus we hold a very pragmatic view when choosing which songs we will publish.

First Degree Music (FDM) pro-actively service songs in our control to all avenues where we feel the song will work best. We maintain close ties with management and label A&R teams and prepare catalogue submissions well in advance of major music industry events or commissions.

FDM’s conscious policy of maintaining a limited external catalogue allows for a positively intimate relationship with our writers and guarantees that our focus remains on the songs and placing them with the best possible artists/producers.